(212) Beyond Sushi lies Jimmy Fallon

My wonderful best friend from college Jill (my bff Jill), got three tickets to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show – a ticket for herself, me, and our friend Avani. It took place on a Monday afternoon and was a great excuse to head back to NYC even after my internship in the city had ended.

As exciting as the show was, I have to take a moment to talk about the sushi we had before heading over to the NBC Studios. We grabbed lunch at a place called Beyond Sushi on 62 W 56th Street.

It’s a sushi place that has wraps and dumplings in addition to the nice variety of sushi options. The small restaurant was a fresh change from the rest simply because it was a place with vegetarian options! Since all the food there was vegetarian we could consider everything on the menu.

FullSizeRender 7

I ordered the ‘La Fiesta’ sushi rolls, which was made of black rice, avocado, chayote and pickled jalapeño. Jill and Avani ordered the ‘Spicy Mang’ sushi rolls which was also made of black rice and avocado, but also had mango, english cucumber and spicy veggies.

At around 2:30 pm, we were at the NBC studio ready to begin the process of attending the Tonight Show- it’s a longish process that took a couple of hours. We had our tickets out, showed our IDs, and were then ushered upstairs. There, in a large circular space, we waited in line to walk through security. We opened our bags and then walked through a metal detector (or whatever’s usually at an airport). After this, we waited in a fancy lounge area for a while before entering the space where the show takes place! Everyone was taken in groups, and lined up in alphabetical order before being seated.

We were really lucky to have gotten seats front and center. The band entered and a funny man came dancing in – this was not Jimmy Fallon. It was middle aged man who was amusing nevertheless. He introduced the show, went over some house keeping rules and reminded us to clap.

When Jimmy Fallon came out, we all stood up and started to cheer. He was super entertaining as usual and had two amazing people on the show that day- Idris Elba and Ali Wentworth. When Idris came on, the 6′ 3” The Dark Tower star wasn’t wearing formal clothes as we would have expected. He looked hip in his black and red jacket and gucci shoes. He and Fallon took turns singing english songs that were translated into another language and then translated back into english. The resulting lyrics were hilarious!

Example: “I’ll make love to you” became “I will place kindness upon you!” Fallon and Elba both fell to their knees singing the lyrics in a dramatic yet humorous way.

I had no idea who the latter actor was. Fortunately, she was funny and personable enough for us to enjoy her interview as well. She talked about her first date to her now husband George Stephanopoulos, and the comically cultural differences between her WASP family and his Greek family – it reminded my basic self of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

From left to right: Jill, me and Avani at NBC Studios after the show

The show ended with the band Tame Impala playing Paranoia. As they were setting up, Jimmy Fallon was taking questions off camera. He walked around the audience and talked a little bit about how he got started in this industry and what the job is like. He congratulated and hugged a girl who just got married and took the time to thank us all for coming. I never thought he was a rude guy/ celebrity, but I wasn’t expecting him to be so approachable and out-of-his-way nice to the audience. He could have gone backstage in-between takes but he didn’t! We were star struck by him and even more excited to get a high-five as he ran through the crowd giving them. The experience as a whole was so much fun and I have my best friend Jill to thank for getting us tickets!


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