(212) Dos Interns + Anastasia

Dos Toros is a casual medium sized Mexican restaurant in NYC (119 W 40th St) that has amazing food. It was my friend Talia’s recommendation for our dinner stop before attending a broadway show. The food reminded me of Chipotle but tasted so much better. She got tacos and I got a quesadilla – it was an easy place for vegetarian people like us to get food without having to settle. I’m convinced that food in the city is so delicious in part because of all the walking done beforehand. After strolling through streets lined with numerous restaurants the aroma of different cuisines and sheer time that passes by begins to make my mouth water.

This dinner was super fun because I got to spend quality time with my really good friend, Talia, I met during my internship at Macy’s. It was our last week of interning, our final presentations had passed, and we were so ready to watch broadway because when in NYC, why not? We talked about the usual things that bond people- college, boys and travel while eating our dinner in lightning speed.

FullSizeRender 6
The broadway show we watched that night was Anastasia.The story is about a Russian Duchess named Anastasia and the journey that leads her back to her grandmother in Paris. During the Russian Revolution, her family is killed and she is left as a young orphan called Anya, sweeping the streets to earn a living. She is swept up by two men who groom her into ladylike royalty and is presented to her grandmother who’s providing a grand prize to anyone who finds her sweet Anastasia. The journey consists of humorous scenes, enchanting songs and romance. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves broadway, or just a good story. I was blown away by the performance.
Broadway shows are long (this one was about 2 hours), and food is not permitted inside. Definitely eat a filling meal beforehand and enjoy both the food and the show!

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