(908) Starting at Home

Pani Puri: The shell (puri) is usually filled with chickpeas, tomato, onions or anything else you’d like to put in there! We usually add sprouts for an extra crunch and protein. Water mixed with tamarind chutney (or pani-puri concentrate) is poured into the shell, and the pani puri is immediately eaten whole 🙂



For me, pani puris at home are more than just a tasty, fun snack to eat. They’re always a part of a relaxing evening at home with the family. The TV is usually on in the family room, some of us are sitting on the couch and a few of us are at the dining table pouring the pani into the stuffed puri and snacking. Most of the blinds at our house are open and the sun is usually out, filling the space with warm smile inducing sunlight. A low-key 3:00pm pause in the day when all of us are in no particular hurry.  It’s nice to spend this quality time with family and pani puris are a fun part of that.


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